Migrating from Delicious to Diigo

The up and downs with the tool Delicious has caused me to sit back and reevaluate our relationship.  As I mentioned in a post just a few months ago, Delicious had been my bookmarking tool, my way to share links with colleagues and students, and a great way to keep current by following those in my field who were using the tool.  But also over the past year, there were rumors that Delicious would be no more.  Then, Avos bought the tool from Yahoo! and it seemed that all was well for me to continue using the utility without major upset.  I was so confident that I assigned students a task using Delicious as an assignment to help them learn a new tool for organization while compiling resources for an upcoming presentation.  Right before they were set to submit the assignment, Delicious redesigned their user interface.  The tag description option was no longer a feature, so their intro paragraph had to be written separately.  Interface changes confused students who were already shakily trying to learn a new tool and woke up to “everything looking different all of a sudden!”

While this served as a good lesson for being flexible and improvising when life changes, it was disappointing that a favorite assignment was no longer a viable option in Delicious.  So, needless to say I am not thrilled with the new look and the missing features.  And I am not the only one.  I was stubbornly holding on hopes that Delicious would stay relevant, but I think it’s time I give up the dream.  With this development, I have started to look into the tool Diigo; which, ” coincidentally” has an easy import function to migrate your Delicious bookmarks.  I know many colleagues who have been using Diigo and have had a strong preference for it, and I am starting to see why.  I’m already enjoying the highlighting feature, the Firefox plugin, and the integration with Twitter.  As I explore and get more comfortable with it, I will have a full report for you here on Research Salad.

More soon!


One Comment on “Migrating from Delicious to Diigo”

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