Giving Thanks — Keeping a Kudos File

thank you on keyboard keys

Image cc license from Flickr user Fenng(dbanotes)

As I wrote in my first post at Research Salad, we compile statistics at our library. We track number of visitors, number of queries, number of consultations and loans, and number of publications catalogued and uploaded. In previous libraries, we’ve had Access databases to help us track and process this information.  Where I currently work, without time to develop a similar system, I have a series of spreadsheets to collect the same data.  However, these numbers are not all I collect.

When I started work here, I received a very good piece of advice: remember to thank those who help you and keep track of the thanks you receive.

Set up a folder on your desk or create a file on your computer, containing photocopies, notes and correspondence.  In my case, there is a folder in my e-mail entitled “Kudos”.  Inside are messages of thanks, endorsement or support that I have received, from staff and researchers, visitors and students.  While these notes are not uniform in length or style, what they have in common is that they are written recognition of what I have accomplished and a reminder of that effort’s worth.

Maybe it’s clichéd to have a Thanksgiving post, but when one is faced with organizational restructuring, lay-offs, budget cuts, and low morale, these thank-yous provide more than qualitative reinforcement of figures and graphs. They bolster your confidence and remind you that the work you do is appreciated, that you have achieved something.


One Comment on “Giving Thanks — Keeping a Kudos File”

  1. AMF says:

    Cliched or not, there’s some science behind thankfulness and gratitude. 🙂 Check out the work of Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough on the links between a thankful stance and well-being.

    Your fellow blogger, AMF

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