Google Reader: Emerging from mourning

It’s been a while, Internet, but I think that we’re ready to get back on track with Research Salad.  This year has held many sidetracks and ups/downs.  However, that does not mean has left us devoid of material.  Au contraire!  This year has given we here at Research Salad a wealth of information and experiences to share with you.  From dissertation bumps to new full-time employment, we’ve all had some changes.  But, with change comes growth, and the chance to try new things.

(Excellent image of uncertain origin.  Not my own.)

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Google Reader Fail.

As we have alluded to in previous posts, Google Reader has undergone a radical transformation, and KRED and I are currently reassessing our feed reader options.  The redesign has us thrown a bit.  For the last two years, I have been using Google Reader to keep my many feeds organized, bookmark articles for reading when I had down time, and share interesting finds effortlessly with friends and colleagues.  However, with the push to have more users taking advantage of Google Plus (Google’s Facebook-equivalent social networking site), there has been a paring down or incorporation of the tools’ best attributes to enhance Google Plus.  While Google Plus is being tweaked, the former standalone tools are being changed in dramatic ways, and Google Reader fell victim in this latest redesign.  With that being said, I am not left with a second tool that has shifted so dramatically it is no longer useful to me.

So, what happens now?

Screen Capture from My "Share" Attempt

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